Posted by Jane Green on 31st May 2019

They protect your car from stains

Even the tidiest of people can’t help bringing stones, leaves and other mess into their car from their shoes, and although it seems easy to remove this mess; over time it can actually cause stains to your car’s interior. It is also easy to obtain stains from food, drink and other spillages in your car which if not removed properly can ruin the look and leave an unpleasant odour.

There is a simple solution for this, have easy to clean floor mats for cars in your vehicle to protect it from such stains. These mats can easily be removed, cleaned and vacuumed to ensure that your car interior is kept looking its best.

Keeping your car protected can preserve its value

You may not think that small stains in your car can affect its value, but buyers can be very picky and expect to get the quality they are paying for. If they notice a stain in your footwell, or on your seats, it can put buyers off, or encourage them to try and knock the price down.

Having mats for cars can prevent you from unnecessarily losing value of your car, and are definitely worth having – especially for the small price you can get them for!

You can choose from Carpet or Rubber

Depending on the look you are going for, you can choose from either carpet or rubber floor mats – each with their own benefits.

Rubber car mats are ideal for wet weather, as they don’t soak up rain water from your shoes and can easily be dried. They can effortlessly be cleaned, meaning that if you spill something sticky or strong smelling onto your mats, they should be able to be cleaned with just water. The only downside of opting for rubber mats is that, as they don’t soak up water, they are not as effective in drying your shoes before driving, and can become slippery in wet conditions.

Carpet floor mats are effective in holding dirt from your shoes, so you can easily remove and shake the mats rather than collecting dirt in hard to get to places in your car. They can be vacuumed in or out of the car, and you can use carpet cleaner to give them a thorough clean – this should eliminate any bad odours.

Rubber and carpet mats for vans and cars are both great options, it is just down to personal preference. Both have the benefit of collecting any mess which enters your car, and are a great way of maintaining your car’s interior.

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