Carpet and rubber car mats

Ford car matsThe main function of a car mat is to keep your Ford looking good and cleaner for longer and helping your vehicle to retain its value. But sometimes you want something just a little bit more – bit of luxury that will set your car apart, making your driving experience and your passengers’ journeys that bit more enjoyable.

Regardless of the make and model of your car, our mats will fit perfectly – so if you’re looking for Ford Fiesta car mats or Ford Focus car mats, or any other Ford model, we have you covered. We source all our mats from UK manufacturers, so if we don’t have them in stock, we can get hold of them quickly and dispatch them to you as soon as possible.

Our mats come in different finishes – Rubber, Deluxe, Prestige and Luxury – and in a range of colours to suit your car, your image and your budget.

Our rubber mats are made from hard wearing 5mm black rubber. The Deluxe range has 1500g density twist pile; the Prestige range has a 1200g density straight cut pile; the Luxury range has a 650grm straight cut pile carpet. Each uplift in quality level offers greater durability.

As well as being cut to fit your vehicle’s make and model, all our mats are supplied with correct fittings (where appropriate), and all mats come with ant-slip backing – often made from recycled tyres – so that they stay in place while in use.

All our Ford car mats are finished with a high-quality trim of your choice to make sure that they remain looking good throughout their lifetime.

We can personalise your mats with a wide choice of coloured trims.

You will want your car mats to look at their best. So, as well as being hard wearing, these Ford car mats are easy to clean, by sponging or wet or dry vacuuming.